Varstone – capital of Cetheir, largest city in the kingdom. Cosmopolitan, port city.

Cairwych Bay – second largest city, nearly as large as Varstone, most of the import/export in the country is done here.

Residents of Varstone and Cairwych Bay have a sort of rivalry – Varstone thinks they’re far more cosmopolitan, educated, polished, and that residents of Cairwych Bay are rougher and less intelligent. Residents of Cairwych Bay think their Varstone fellows are giant snobs and have no work ethic.

Atbury – medium-sized city, known mostly as a resort town, nobles from Varstone have summer homes near here on the lake.

Habryg – large city, takes care of the import/export from the countries north of Ceithir, sending a lot of goods down the river to Varstone.

Farniga – large city, home of the country’s largest arcane school. A very no-nonsense, hardy sort of city, due to being so close to the Toadfen.

Estford – medium-large city


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