Tales of the Cheesy Dragons

Burr Hollow and the Trial of Toads and Goblins

Burr Hollow is a village on the southern edge of the Aisling Forest. As of late there have been issues in the forest, rumors of goblins causing problems with the river. The Mayor, Paidrig Cole, had sent several members of the town’s guard into the forest to solve the problem but they haven’t returned. It’s been about a week or so when our adventurers arrive in the village.

Talia and Bash had been hunting down a baby wyrmling that had been stealing sheep from an outlying farm, returning with it’s carcass to get the bounty. Riona and her escort/guard Kieran are here so that Riona can inspect her family’s vineyard that is nearby. They’re in town to pick up supplies when Mayor Cole approaches the four of them asking for their help in finding out what happened to the town’s guard that went into the forest.

Talia and Bash agree though are somewhat annoyed that they hadn’t been informed about this when they were last in town. Riona and Kieran are less enthused especially since solving the problem requires going into the forest and they are city people.

After a brief discussion and shopping trip, the group heads into the forest, following the trail left by the village guard. As they walk through the forest they come across a river, or the remnants of one for all that’s left is a muddy riverbed. Bash and Talia had been in this area a couple of weeks ago and the river hadn’t been like this.

Marella Shieldhart's Journal

22 Verrach 940

New patron – EM. Combination of business and nobility work. Interesting woman, I admire her ambition. Signed a contract for exclusive work for a year – a risk, but I think it will pay off. New goal is to leave the city in five years.


32 Verrach 940

EM fabricated a new identity for me, I’m a minor noble from Habryg come to Cairwych Bay to find a spouse. It lets me move in her circles. Interesting to be in the ballrooms, instead of impersonating servants. I’m learning a lot.


01 Meidanna 942

At EM’s request, befriended her youngest daughter. The girl’s a romantic, and keeps company her mother doesn’t approve of. I anticipate attending many boring salons.


29 Nollaig 942

End of year revels with MM and friends. Newest questionable additions are a group of artists; M is smitten with one of the poets. M asked me to keep quiet, but her mother pays me, so I reported the dalliance. EM very unhappy, asked me to keep an eye on them. Which involves watching a lot of rather disgusting kissing and cuddling. Still, she’s happy, which is more than I can say for the rest of us.


11 Breinn 943

Attended B’s poetry reading tonight. I am possibly still drunk, which is a first for this journal. I may regret my candor later, but hopefully the cypher will prevent me from embarrassing myself in front of others.

It’s odd to have friends. It’s been a long time. I don’t think I’ve ever had a friend as an adult. I’ve had contacts, and people I enjoyed spending time with, but my job makes friendship a very difficult prospect. But I have friends now. Friends I’m employed to spy on. What would they think if they knew that? I don’t want to know. I don’t want this to end. But I’m not stupid, I know this can’t go on forever. My loyalty is to my employer. It has to be. Head over heart.


09 Meidanna 943

M & B are planning to elope. B has a performance at the end of the month, but they want to travel to Atbury to marry afterwards. Reported to E, who is furious, as she has plans to marry M to a Viscount from Varstone, part of a long-term business deal. She is considering having B killed. It would be my job, I know it would. I could easily do it. But for the first time, I wonder if I should.


19 Meidanna 943

[Something scratched out here, now illegible]

I don’t know if I can do this.


14 Luille 943

It is done. I cannot return to Cairwych Bay. I cannot do this work any more. Even if I had the stomach for it, EM would see me dead the moment I show my face in society, no matter the city.

M is much cannier than her mother gives her credit for. I wish her all the love and luck in the world. Goodbye, my first and only friend. May you always choose your own happiness over your family’s.

I must now find my own. And stay alive.

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